A Quiet Revolution

A “quiet revolution” is taking place in Antigua & Barbuda and elsewhere in the Caribbean.  It is one less visible than the construction of new hotels and the building of new cruise ship terminals.  Environmental Management Systems (EMS) is changing the nature and shape of the tourism and hospitality industry from hotel guestrooms, housekeeping, and laundry services to gardening and it is happening in every tourism destination.

In a recent seminar held at the Trade Winds Hotel by GEF-Antigua, SIRMM in conjunction with the UNDP Mykl Clovis Fuller (Project Consultant) of SIRMM DEMO 4: Promoting best practices in waste water disposal water conservation and re-use in the North West Tourism Zone Antigua presented; methodologies used to develop and implement an Environmental Management System.

The main concentration area was the Northwest Coast Tourism Zone where most of Antigua’s hotels are located therefore identifying the area as a hotspot for high levels of liquid and waste contamination.

The presentation included:

  • Short term and long term waste management guidelines.
  • Demonstration of web based waste management database designed by students of the Antigua State College.  The software will enable participating hotels to upload data on their wastewater management systems to facilitate monitoring and evaluation by relevant Government Authorities.
  • Feasibility and implementation plan.

The Trade Winds Hotel was selected as one of the three pilot hotels in the Northwest Zone to test the Waste Management Software.  Our current water conservation and waste management program includes:

  • Water saving shower heads in all rooms
  • Linen reuse tent cards in all guest rooms
  • Additional guttering added to our upper deck roof to collect water
  • Water sign placed in all public and staff areas
  • Grounds, maintenance, security and management look for leaking pipes when walking property
  • Room attendants are trained to observe leaky taps, showers, toilets etc.
  • Our Sewage Treatment Plant is checked and managed twice daily by Mr. Daniel Montgomery (Head Groundsman).
    • The sludge is collected, dried and then mixed with the compost collected from kitchen vegetable waste and used for the gardens.
    • Sewage Treatment Plant water is used to water grounds.

Trade Winds Hotel is very excited about being selected as a pilot hotel for this project and we are looking forward to working with Mykl and her team in this revolution.

Share with us some of the water conservation practices you use in your homes and/or businesses and some of the benefits.


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