Anthony Needs No Reservations

I’ve been a fan of travel shows from since I was about 10 years old (won’t tell you my age) when I got my first globe as a Christmas present.  My television is always on Travel Channel, Discovery or National Geographic.  Through beautiful images, descriptions and narrations I find myself transported to some distant and exotic places and my travel bucket list is never-ending.  The adventures and musings of the hosts gives me inspiration and I find myself transported to each destination everytime.

Being a foodie my favourite travel shows of all time are Anthony Bourdain’s “No Reservations” and “The Layover” and I would be late or miss appointments just to watch even if it was an episode seen already.  Anthony’s (yes we’re on a first name basis) witty, outgoing, adventurous and sometimes profane personality makes his shows so realistic that you find yourself googling the food and the destination.  His willingness to eat anything and taking in the local scenes of the destination is what makes him so enigmatic.

In his new show “Parts Unknown” which is a part food and travel show he again shows you the local scenes and foods of countries you would unlikely think about visiting for tourism.  However his presentation will make you want to travel more and be more adventurous with trying different cuisines.

anthonybourdainLast year we started a daily twitter campaign using hashtag #AnthonyBourdainVisitAntiguaBarbuda to get Mr. Bourdain to visit Antigua and stay with us here at Trade Winds Hotel, we got a bit sidetracked and stopped posting.  We are going to restart that campaign and post a daily tweet to get Anthony to come Antigua & Barbuda, one thing we know for sure when he does no reservations will be required and his stay won’t be hurried as he won’t be laid over.

Follow us on twitter @twh_antigua  and join us in tweeting and retweeting and get Anthony Bourdain to Antigua & Barbuda.



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