Antigua and Barbuda One Family: Celebrating With Pride, Vision and Integrity.

“Antigua and Barbuda One Family: Celebrating With Pride, Vision and Integrity” is the theme under which we will be celebrating our 32 anniversary of Independence from Great Britian.  Antigua & Barbuda became an independent country on November 1, 1981 lowering the Union Jack and raising the Antigua & Barbuda Flag to our very own National Anthem.

Leading up to November 1, a month long celebration of parades, expos, competitions, pageants and food fairs are enjoyed by both residents and visitors.  Government offices, schools and businesses all join in the celebration with patriotic displays of our national symbols and the traditional madras fabric and colours.

The Antigua & Barbuda flag could be seen displayed outside homes, buildings and on cars.  Many communities arrange showcases, fairs, pageants and patriotic music could be heard on the radio.  A very impressive parade is held at the Antigua Recreation Ground on November 1, where the Governor General accepts the march pass and many influential Antiguans and Barbudans receive honours.

Here’s a little info video about our National Symbols which are usually highlighted throughout our independence celebrations:



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Happy 32nd Independence Antigua & Barbuda.


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