Antigua & Barbuda Through Historical Lens.

The British National Archives (BNS) recently unveiled over 180 images of Antigua & Barbuda dating back to 19th century with some spanning more than 100 years.  This collection of images began in 1869 by a request from the Secretary of State for the Colonies.  The request required that the Governors take photographs of noteworthy buildings, scenery, individuals and events that could be deemed as historical at that time.  The collection of images are unique as each governor interpreted this task in his own way, ranging from scrap books, official albums, pamphlets, sketches, framed photos and paintings.

In 2008 the National Archives acquired the Colonial Office Photographic Collection from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and has since been working tirelessly to restore and identify some of the images with computer software.  The Archives have now asked the public to assist in identifying some of the places, people and events.

Here are some of our favourites:


You can view the entire collection of images on Flickr using this link .

Do you recognize any of the places, people or events?   Tell us which ones.


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