Antigua from the Excellence

If you’ve been following our Facebook and Twitter feed over the past few weeks we have been out and about exploring Antigua.  Recent shares were photos of the Sleeping Indian on our hike to Seaforth Beach and last week the rains allowed us to enjoy the waterfall in Christian Valley.


This week we took the seas on the Excellence Catamaran Circumnav Tour to catch a glimpse and count our 365 beaches.  With a knowledgeable, delightful and funny crew we sped up the Altantic Sea we were warned it would get a little choppy but we all enjoyed…it was quite exhilarating, especially if you had 2 or more rum punches alreadyJ.

Antigua is quite picturesque from the sea and along the way the crew pointed out Maiden Island, Jumby Bay, Devil’s Bridge and Bird Island.  Stopping at Green Island for we snorkeled…which in itself is a whole new world…nature is indeed marvelous and magnificent.  After snorkeling we enjoyed a tasty lunch and then spent some time sunbathing on the beach, took a few pics and sipped on a few more rum punches…they do pack a punch 😉 !


Beach at Green Island

As we continued along the southern end of the island we passed Rock of Gibraltar, Pillars of Hercules, waved at a few spectators up at Shirley’s Heights and briefly pulled into port at Nelson’s Dockyard and then continued our way south towards the Caribbean Sea heading back to home port.


Pillars of Hercules

We ended the beautiful day at Bay House Restaurant over tapas and cocktails as we await the sunset.


Pre sunset from deck of Bay House Restaurant

P.S: we stopped counting beaches after our second rum punch; we counted about a 10 or so 😆 !


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