Beachcombing – Jabberwock Beach

So as promised we charged our GoPro, packed our sunblock and sunglasses and headed out on our first beachcombing adventure.  Even though you could find us on one of our beaches at least twice a week I must admit that I was quite nervous and anxious about this expedition…weird huh?

But here we go…

A short 10-minute drive from the Trade Winds Hotel, you’ll come across a one mile strip of fine powdery sand, post-card perfect, a surfer’s gem the iconic Jabberwock Beach.  Throughout the year especially before sunrise the beach welcomes early morning swimmers, joggers and strollers from around the island.  It’s also a favourite spot to escape and enjoy your lunch or as many will tell you it is hard to pass the beach without stopping for a quick feel of the sand between your toes.

By mid-morn the skies the sea becomes dotted with the vibrant colour of sails and kites. Jabberwock Beach’s trade winds, gentle shore breaks and challenging banks provides ideal conditions for surfers of all skill levels.  If you’re looking to surf, there are two popular local surf schools set up right on Jabberwock Beach to get you started.

“Bend de knees and feel de breeze” as you ride a wave with Patrick of Windsurfing Antigua who is based on Jabberwock Beach from mid December to May.  With over 25 years of experience and one of Antigua’s most respected windsurfer Patrick guarantees he can have you windsurfing in one 2-hour lesson.

Launch into the air as you take flight with Adam of Kitesurf Antigua which has become quite popular after the release of Kite Scoop kitesurf video last year.

With the emergence of beach culture Jabberwock Beach and its breathtaking skyline has become a major attraction to visitors and locals alike, whether you’re a surfer or just an avid on-looker with aspirations of getting that perfect tan and enjoying the beautiful scenery.



Jabberwock Beach is a must see and a must destination experience when in Antigua.  So take that plunge it is as simple as mustering the will and clicking on…BOOK NOW!


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