Bringing The Splendour!

Splendour:  brilliant or gorgeous appearance, colouring and magnificence

Is what the streets of St. John’s will be as revellers take to the streets for the Opening Day Parade and T-shirt Mas of the Caribbean’s Greatest Summer Festival “Antigua’s Carnival”

Splendour: an instance or display of imposing pomp or grandeur

Two nights of pomp and grandeur; pageantry and talent by Queen of Carnival and Jaycees contestants.

Splendour: great brightness; brilliant light or luster

Be entertained by the brilliance and talent of the little revellers at the Junior Carnival, Junior Calypso and Teen Splash shows.


Splendour: grandeur; glory; brilliant distinction

The Panorama, Calypso and Party Monarch past Kings and Queens will reign again or new ones will be crowned.

Splendour: to make splendid by decorating lavishly; adorn

Exotic costumes of feathers and beads, colourfully painted faces, glitter, brilliant smiles and a sea of beautiful people dancing in the streets to some of favourite soca tracks of season on Carnival Monday and Tuesday.


Photo credit: Shades Inc.

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