Caribbean Week of Agriculture 2012

A few weeks ago we blogged about Environmental Management Systems (EMS) being “The Quiet Revolution” taking over Antigua & Barbuda and the Caribbean region.  As we continue to research and practice EMS we came across another revolution rapidly becoming a main focus in the marketing and sustenance of our tourism product.

Agriculture is one of the oldest and most basic parts of every country’s economy, and tourism for most is the newest and a rapidly growing niche.  Tourism officials worldwide are shifting global consumption patterns, tastes and attitudes towards food and leisure opening new opportunities in the form of agri-tourism, eco-tourism, wine, food and rural tourism.

Beginning today October 12th, 2012 through the 20th Antigua & Barbuda will be celebrating and hosting delegates from throughout the region for the 11th Caribbean Week of Agriculture 2012.  According to Minister Hilston Baptiste (Minister of Agriculture) Antigua has shown a 50% increase in production and our farming sector has evolved, with modern practices such as hydroponics and organic farming.  With an expectation of over 400 participants and agencies from throughout the region and the world to attend, the Expo should provide and open up additional opportunities for farmers and agro processors.  The weeklong activities will involve:

  • Roundtable discussions with representative from agencies like the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation of Agriculture
  • Daily workshops
  • Daily exhibitions opened to the public – $2.00EC admission
  • A Miss Agriculture Pageant

The home of the expo will be the Sir Vivian Richards Stadium under the theme:  “Youth and Gender in Caribbean Agriculture – each endeavouring all achieving”

Trade Winds Hotel has long recognized the need to support agriculture and last September we started a backyard garden growing, herbs, tomatoes, celery, lettuce, cabbage, peppers , bananas and much more used daily in Bayhouse Restaurant’s kitchen.  To continue to sustain tourism and agriculture we buy as much fresh produce and fruits from local farmers.

So the next time you dine at Bayhouse Restaurant it is very likely that the delicious spices you taste, the juicy tomatoes in your salad or that banana in your decadent Caribbean Banana Flambé was grown right here on our grounds.

So call us today (268) 462-1223 for reservations, we are opened daily from 7am -11pm daily, with happy hour from 5pm – 7pm daily.

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