“Children of the Wind” – A Windsurfing Movement

Inspiring, thrilling, exciting, breathtaking, awesome, emotional, passionate can hardly describe the documentary film “Children of the Wind” shown at the International Film Festival Antigua Barbuda last evening at Treetops.  The film tells the story of three Bonairians journey from poor  fishing families to become three of the best freestyle windsurfers in history, overcoming insuperable odds, breaking the elitist barriers, revolutionizing the sport and putting Bonaire on the map all at the same time.

Whether you’re a windsurfer or couch-surfer you will enjoy this film immensely and you find yourself being caught up in every emotion…whether it was joyous, funny or sad.  One feels an instant connection to Taty, Tonki and Kiri the main characters of the film; their smiles and courage are infectious.  The film captures perfectly that dreams can come true and shows the love, dedication, belief and commitment not only of the windsurfers but their families, mentors, friends, peers and country.  The trio’s leadership along with support from their mentors Elvis Martinus and Patun Saragoza have started a revolutionary windsurfing movement amongst the youth in Bonaire.

During every wind-surfing scene of the film “bend de knees and feel de breeze” a phrase made popular by Antigua’s very own windsurfer Patrick Scales of Windsurf Antigua came to mind.  A surfer for over 25 years Patrick relates to many of the challenges and sentiments in the film.  Coming from a small island as well, with his love for surfing he started Windsurf Antigua a mobile operation at Jabberwock Beach.  With its powder fine sand and azure blue waters Jabberwock Beach is a surfer’s gem five minutes away from Trade Winds Hotel.  Patrick guarantees you can be up and surfing in just a two-hour lesson and has surf gear for both beginners and shredders.  Windsurf Antigua has become one of the key icons in the development of beach culture at Jabberwock beach and in Antigua.

So make your stay at Trade Winds Hotel an extra-ordinary one when you go surfing with Windsurf Antigua, we’ll pack you a basket filled with Bayhouse’s delights to enjoy.

*For more information on the International Film Festival Antigua Barbuda visit their website www.iffab.org


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