Christmas Nostalgia

Christmas is coming – every child is hoping – dear old Santa will come calling.
Ho ho ho, ho ho ho.  How will Santa get here?
Promise from mama – promise from papa – that come Christmas there’d be many gifts from Santa.
Ho ho ho, ho ho ho.  How will Santa get here?
There is no reindeer in my country – He’d have to borrow me neighbor donkey.
Ho ho ho, ho ho ho.  How will Santa get here?
Ho ho ho, ho ho ho.  How will Santa get here?

You know Christmas is almost here when the above song by legendary Antiguan calypsonian King Obstinate permeates the airwaves and can be heard in every retail establishment.

At home green, red and white paper chains adorns each doorway, Christmas cards are hung on a string across the china cabinet and bowls of walnuts and butterscotch candies are on the coffee and dining tables.

The rich smell of preserves along with the sweet smell of sugar, nutmeg and cinnamon emanates from the kitchen where you can hear the laughter and chatter of your Granny and her friends who came by to help make the best tasting black cake ever.

Creativity and competition is fierce at school as each class competes for “Best Decorated Classroom”.   You’re studying harder for end of term exams because you want that 3ft dolly or remote control car for Christmas.  You begin saving and collecting extra change to buy peppermint candy canes and other festive delights that are available only at Christmas time from Hansel & Gretel.

Your child is singing Feliz Navidad, Little Drummer Boy and Joy to the World in their sleep as rehearsals are in full swing for the Sunday School Christmas Program.

Shoul’s Toys, Gifts and Housewares is covered in fairy lights along with the all too familiar nativity display of Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus with Santa Claus looking on.  Decorating the Christmas tree is an evening filled with laughter and joy as the entire family gathers together to untangle fairy lights, polish the ornaments and reminisce on past Christmas holidays.

Every time your Mum is not around you sneak into your parents’ bedroom looking for your Christmas presents and most times it is right in plain sight.

The kitchen buffet is filled with home-made wines, rums and black cake received from family and friends who you only see at Christmas time.

These are just some of the nostalgic Christmas memories and traditions enjoyed here Antigua & Barbuda.  Christmas is one of the most joyous and favourite time of the year as we celebrate and commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ.

Add a new tradition to your Christmas this year,  imagine yourself sipping on a glass of eggnog and someone else preparing and serving Christmas lunch and dinner and after the meal sitting poolside sipping on a glass of champagne watching the sunset over the beautiful Caribbean Sea instead of washing up.  You think impossible?  No it is not, the Bayhouse Restaurant invites you to join us on Christmas Day let us worry about the turkey, stuffing and setting the table.

Call us today (268) 462-1223 and create a new Christmas tradition by enjoying a charming and festive lunch or dinner with the entire family in an exotic setting.


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