Come and beachcomb with us!

We’re sure you’ve heard that Antigua has 365 beaches and you’ve probably rolled your eyes in disbelief as we are only 108 squares miles.    How is that even possible?  They are making it up, it’s just a tourism tactic, it’s a myth…yeah we’ve heard it all before.  PROVE IT!

A few weeks ago we came across the site Antigua Tour Desk – Antigua Barbuda 365 Beaches ProjectPROVING IT…is what they plan to do.  Their goal is to compile a list of our 365 beaches with photos, directions, amenities and tips about each beach.  This is a mass project and they are enlisting the help of locals, visitors, tour operators, hotels etc to help compile this list.

Note: the site is still in development and in need of content so we are encouraging  you to submit photos and tips to help in building Antigua & Barbuda’s ultimate beach guide.

For us after visiting the site our tourism tag line “The beach is just the beginning” now takes on a new meaning…beachcombing.   We are going to embark on beachcombing adventure…yes we’re going to try and see if we can visit all 365 beaches of Antigua & Barbuda.   Hold up!  NO…we’re not going to do this in 365 days we’ve still got a hotel to run, but we will commit to one beach per month maybe two.

(Photo credit: AntiguaNice)

To get started we’ve pulled up Antigua & Barbuda on Google Maps and have made a list of some of the beaches we’ve been to and some we’ve heard about.  Those highlighted are beaches we’ve been to and will visit again to take photos and share with you.

Bird Island Ffryes Beach Non-Such Bay Valley Church
Blue Waters Galley Bay Pearns Point Weatherhills
Boons Haven Gibson’s Beach Pigeon Point Willoughby Bay
Carlisle Bay Beach Green Island Pinching Bay  Pink Sand Beach (Barbuda)
Coconut Grove Guiana Island Pineapple Beach
Darkwood Beach Halfmoon Bay Prickly Pear Island
Deep Bay Hawksbill Beach Rendezvous Beach
Dickenson Bay Jabberwock Beach Runaway Beach
Dutchman’s Bay Jolly Beach Seafort Beach
Fort James Beach Long Bay Turners Beach


WOW!  We’ve been to 30 of the 34 beaches we were able to name.  Have you been to any of those on our list?  Can you name the remaining 331 beaches?  Do you have a favourite beach?  Share with us your favourite beachcombing adventures on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google +.

(Photo credit: Jonathan Murphy Photography)


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