Eating Local When Travelling.

So you’ve done the bus tour and seen Fig Tree Drive, Devil’s Bridge, Nelson’s Dockyard, Shirley’s Heights, spent endless hours on our beautiful beaches, swam with the sting rays, shopped for souvenirs in Redcliffe and Heritage Quay, plus worked on your golf handicap.  Now with all that done here’s the big question: “Have you really experienced Antigua & Barbuda?”

Many travellers will tell you that until you interact with local residents, you’ve only just skimmed the surface.  For many the real experience lies and begins with the people and the best way to do this is by food.   Enjoying a hearty meal has always been an intermediary force for bringing people of different cultures together.   Jokes are shared, ideas are exchanged, and travel experiences are relived leaving everyone with an unforgettable organic experience.

At the Bay House Restaurant you can enjoy authentic local dishes freshly prepared by Chef Hodge and his team.  Start your day off with a traditional Antiguan breakfast of saltfish, chop-up (sautéed spinach, ochro and eggplant), boiled eggs, fried ripe plantains, johnny cakes with a cup of freshly brewed bush tea.  Other local favourites to try are Fungi, Ducana, Seasoned Rice and Pepperpot.

We challenge you to put your culinary skills to test by trying Chef Hodge’s recipe for traditional Antiguan Breakfast, feel free to share your photos on our Facebook page.

Photo credit: Antigua Barbuda Food & Drink Guide

No vacation or meal is complete without a drink and our local award winning English Harbour 5 Year Old and Cavalier rums are a must try when visiting our bar especially during happy hour.  Our creative bartenders will make your favourite cocktails, old classics along with new and fun drinks featuring our local rums.   Our Wadadli Gold beer is the perfect drink for your poolside break after your delicious lunch of Seasoned Rice.

So on your next visit with us do ask for the Chef’s local special and remember to share your experience with us.

Travel well…happy eating!


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