Friday I’m In Love…

It is 4:59pm Thursday afternoon and the excitement and anticipation is already building…tomorrow is Friday!  You awake on Friday morning and for the first time all week spritely jump out of bed.  Whilst having your morning coffee you’re browsing through your Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest timeline which is filled with “TGIFs, I Love Fridays, Cheers to the Weekend” status updates, quotes and pictures.

You’ve also post your own “I LOVE FRIDAY” quote tagging your besties and weekend pals.


It is truly fascinating to observe people’s attitudes towards FRIDAY.   People spend the entire work week wishing it was Friday.  We are so in love with Friday that it has its own lingo to express our excitement TGIF – Thank God It’s Friday, one could find entire websites dedicated to just Friday and there are many songs about it such as “Friday I’m In Love by The Cure” and “Katy Perry’s – Last Friday Night” which dares us to create an explosive fun-filled Friday.

But for most, Friday signifies the end of a long work week, it’s a chance to sleep in late on Saturday, a night out with friends or just some couch time with the new James Patterson novel.  Friday can be looked at as a day of possibilities; an anything could happen kind of day.  Your Friday and the weekend could be epic, filled with nostalgic moments that you bring up in conversation some years later “remember that one weekend when…?”  Or your Friday and weekend could also filled with nothing, but you don’t mind because it means you’re not at work.

Here at Trade Winds Hotel and Bay House Restaurant & Bar we love every day of the week and I don’t think we have any one day which we love more that the other because every day is different for us.  We are privileged to spend every day interacting with people from different parts of the world learning about their culture, their lives, and sharing ours with them.  One could say we are in perpetual excitement because every day is Friday for us.

You can experience perpetual excitement, tranquility and serenity everyday when you stay with us at Trade Winds Hotel.  With an all year around 2 for 1 room-special you can make any day of the week Friday.  How about creating your own mini-Friday with Bay House Restaurant’s daily 2-hour happy hour whilst enjoying some of the island’s best sunset views, bartender Altino is always creating new cocktails.  Take a mid-week break and enjoy an ALL DAY BREAKFAST poolside or dine on our open deck restaurant where the breathtaking view is unforgettable.

So say bye-bye to the Friday Itch by browsing through our website and click BOOK NOW!

See you soon…every day is fun, fun fun!


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