Hello December!

Hellooooooo December!  Where did November go?  More like where did the year go?  Christmas and the New Year are sneaking upon us real fast.  It seems liked just yesterday we were wishing you Happy New Year (oh did you keep those New Year’s resolutions?)  After carnival Christmas is the most joyous and festive time of the year here in Antigua & Barbuda.

You know it is Christmas when:

  • Your children are giving you daily Christmas lists
  • You’ve begun receiving invites to Holiday and Christmas parties
  • Carols are emanating on the radio waves and in business lobbies
  • Mini baskets of peppermint and candy canes at each teller station in the bank
  • The supermarket smells of Christmas cookies and preserves
  • Christmas lights are twinkling in windows around the island
  • Your great aunt’s kitchen smells of Christmas pudding and rum cake
  • Sorrel is in full bloom and is the drink offered when you visit family and friends

If you’re in the North escape the winter cold of Christmas and New Year at Trade Winds Hotel.  Instead of winter coats let sun coat your shoulders with a warm Antiguan glow.  For our Caribbean neighbours we invite you to come experience our Christmas traditions and share yours with us.    Wake daily to the inspiring, idyllic and turquoise views of the Caribbean Sea from your private balcony of your charming room.


Over at Bay House we are also getting ready for the festive season…our holiday and function menus are available and our Events Team is awaiting your call to assist with your party plans.  Let us worry about the turkey, stuffing, setting the table and doing the dishes.  We are open right through the festive season with no shortage of festive dining and celebrations.

Call us today (268) 462-1223 or book online www.twhantigua.com.



We’ve started working on our New Year’s resolutions and can’t wait to share it with you  😆


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