Learning New Things About Old Things

There is an old adage that says, “you learn something new every day” and today we learnt a lot of new things about something very old.  Many of us here in Antigua and in the Caribbean grew up using concentrate drink mix Sunquick.  A bottle of Sunquick could be found in every cupboard as it was economical and a quick way to make a cool and refreshing drink for the kids.

Today some of our restaurant and kitchen staff attended a Sunquick seminar in our new conference room sponsored by local distributors Hutchinson Antigua Ltd.  Presenter Kim Howard Lund enlightened all attendees with new and creative ways in which we can incorporate Sunquick in our favourite recipes.

Sunquick and Trade Winds Hotel Team

Some new things we learnt about Sunquick

  • Sunquick is a product of Denmark and NOT the Caribbean like many of us thought
  • It comes in over 10 different flavours
  • It can be used in baking recipes to add flavour
  • A perfect substitute for fresh fruit in cocktails

Speaking of cocktails our bartenders got excited when Kim unveiled Concept 49…sounds quite top secret eh?  Well Concept 49 is Sunquick’s collaboration with bartender Christian Ifversen who developed delicious drink recipes.  Happy Hour started a bit early today when our bartender Altino began mixing cocktails and creating his own variations of the recipes.  Altino promises he’s going to do some more research and put together some awesome cocktails for you to enjoy when you join us for Happy Hour at Bay House Restaurant & Bar.

Blue Flirtini 

Frozen Mango Margarita











Chef Hodge also promises a few surprises from the kitchen as he will try to incorporate Sunquick in some of our desserts.  Here are some delicious Sunquick flavoured desserts.

Chocolate Orange Cake

Cream puffs with peach and orange cream

So now that we’ve enlightened both our minds and taste buds we invite you to join us on this new adventure and we recommend you start at the bar 😉


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