“M&M” – The Dynamic Duo.

When we hear or see “M&M” the first thing that comes to mind is the candy that melts in your mouth and not in your hand.  Well at Bayhouse Restaurant & Bar “M&M” is the dynamic duo Michelle and Marcia who are now at the helm.  As we know when starting a new job there’s going to be a period of acclimation which can be a little stressful but for Michelle and Marcia they are ready to take on the challenge.

Michelle who has been with Trade Winds Hotel for sixteen years started as a room attendant.  Management recognized her intuitive people sense and genuineness and she was transferred to Bayhouse as a cashier; later a bartender/waitress and then promoted to restaurant supervisor.   Ask what she loves about her job and her reply will be “I LOVE THE VIEW…when I’m here it doesn’t feel as if I am working”.

We introduced you to Marcia a few months back when she successfully completed a Supervisory Management Course at University of the West Indies (UWI) Open Campus which is endorsed by the Antigua Hotel & Tourist Association (AHTA).  Marcia who has been with us for six years starting off as a relief bartender/waitress two days a week and she fast tracked to Supervisor.  She is very excited to take on this new challenge and describes herself as a quiet observant but a doer and is always ready to learn more.

M&M The Dynamic Duo - Michelle & Marcia

M&M says what makes them a dynamic force is “communication” they are always on the same page and at all times know what’s happening in the hotel and restaurant.  If they are not on shift together they would leave notes so that the other is never out of the loop.  They both admire each other’s commitment, dedication and love for their job, staff and guests of Bayhouse Restaurant and Trade Winds Hotel.  Michelle’s immediate goal is to successfully complete the Supervisory Management Course and for Marcia her long term goal it to become a Hospitality Consultant.

When asked what they would recommend from Bayhouse’s menu they both replied “EVERYTHING”.  Marcia said her favourite however, is the Dry Rub Rib Eye Steak and Michelle favours the Pork Tenderloin.  And of course “HAPPY HOUR!  Where else in the world do you get two hours of happy hour daily with 40% off ALL drinks and a panoramic view” they both added.

General Manager Mrs. Carter says she has every confidence in the duo.  She said Michelle who just started the Supervisory Management Course at UWI is all excited and has been sharing with her daily tidbits from her lessons.

So the next time you see “M&M” you will not associate it with the candy but with these two dynamic women.

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