Our Gardens…Our Food.

Never mind food miles, the freshest vegetables and herbs only travel a few feet from the soil to your plate when you dine at Bay House Restaurant & Bar.  At Bay House Restaurant & Bar we pride ourselves in serving our guests the best and freshest local produce and with this in mind we grow our very own vegetables and herbs.

Just a few feet away from our kitchen our pesticide-free garden supplies our kitchen with lettuce, parsley, celery and peppers.  In addition to our trademark palms throughout the property you will spot a few avocado and banana trees whose bounty makes appearances in our very popular Antiguan breakfast, our banana bread, the flambé and the green banana is used for the mash in Chicken Saltimbocca from our dinner menu.

Sadly last year we lost quite a few of our trademark palms due to lethal yellowing, but all is not lost as beautiful orchids are now growing in the stumps of the palms.  We are also happy to report that we were able to treat some of the palms and they are thriving nicely.

We invite you to come and experience Bay House Restaurant & Bar, be it our “All Day Breakfast”, a leisurely lunch overlooking Dickenson Bay, your favourite cocktail as the sun sets or enjoy a culinary escape with our dinner choices dining with us is an experience you’ll remember forever.

For reservations call (268) 462-1223 or e-mail: info@twhantigua.com


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