Rave For A Cause

“Beauty, Strength and Transformation” is the foundation on which Maimah Karmo founded Tigerlily Foundation.   After being diagnosed with breast cancer at age 32, Maimah was faced with the daunting challenge of finding treatment and resources to survive cancer.  Even though there was a lot of awareness programs there were no social programs to provide financial assistance for daily expenses such as groceries, childcare, mortgages etc.  Now in 43 states and strictly grassroots Tigerlily Foundation provides support and assistance to young adult women empowering them to be their own best advocates.  Tigerlily provides hope packages, emotional support and financial assistance to persons affected with breast cancer.

Maimah and Tigerlily have partnered with Project Sync to not just bring further awareness but to assist in development and implementation of social programs.  Under the theme Welcome to the Revolution “back-to-the-boobies” Project Sync will be hosting a RAVE in which proceeds will be donated to Cancer Unit at Mount St. John’s Medical Center.  Project Sync is a non-profit social justice group of 8 young men and 1 female who strongly believes in “The Bond Between Party & Charity” and over the past three years have partnered with several charity organizations raising funds and awareness to social issues around Antigua & Barbuda through their Rave Parties.


Project Sync Founders, Ms Winestock, Ms. Karmo with our Operations Manager Marydith Gordon

Another initiative of the RAVE and this partnership is not only to bring awareness but to also introduce Tigerlily to local breast cancer awareness group Breast Friends so that they can work together to develop and implement social programs to assist breast cancer patients and survivors.  Some areas of immediate attention identified were:

  • A standardized national registry of persons with cancer…a great source of data means increase funding
  • Financial support to survivors
  • Access to treatment locally
  • Cancer prevention…changing the way in which our foods are grown and produced

Ms. Karmo, Ms. Winestock, Project Sync and Media in mini press conference

Here at Trade Winds Hotel we are honoured to have Ms. Karmo stay with us and we are ready to RAVE with Project Sync as we think they are a group that can effect positive and impactful change.

Maimah Karmo and our Operations Manager Marydith Gordon

Maimah Karmo presenting an autographed copy of her book to our Operations Manager Marydith Gordon


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