Reactivating Cricket!

Rally, rally round the West Indies
Now and forever
Rally, rally round the West Indies
Never say never
Pretty soon the runs are going to flow like water
Bringing so much joy to every son and daughter
Say we’re going to rise again like a raging fire
As the sun shines you know we gonna take it higher
Rally, rally round the West Indies
Now and forever
Rally, rally round the West Indies

That is the chorus of well known David Rudder’s Rally Around The West Indies song.  Sung by many West Indians especially when the West Indies cricket team is down and needs to score runs against a tough cricket opponent.

It is a consensus amongst die hard cricket fans that a watchable cricket match requires at least one of the following three ingredients:

  • Good bowling
  • Good batting
  • And a streaker or a general smattering of attractive scantily clad people in the crowd.

Yeah we know the latter seems quite un-traditional as cricket was once a game cheered and viewed by queens, kings, dukes, duchess and gentlemen in linen suits sipping on tea.

The game of cricket has changed dramatically over the years and recently more so with the introduction of the shorter version Twenty20.  Over the next few days the game will again be changed as legends and masters of cricket will be “reactivating the cricket dreams” in the Antigua & Barbuda 20/20 International Masters Cricket Fest 2012 at the Sir Vivian Richards Stadium.    Along with the staple ingredients  it will be three days of intensive but fun competition as teams from USA, Barbados, St. Croix, Trinidad and Antigua compete to be named Fest Champions.  With many of the players being old teammates, school buddies, rivals  and life-long friends it will be a battle not just only for the cup but for “bragging rights”.   Come on out and see cricket greats Sir Vivian Richards, Curtly Ambrose, Kenny Benjamin, Ridley Jacobs, Hugh Gore, Ralston Otto, Tyrone Williams, Winston Benjamin, Sylvester ‘Bouncin’ Joseph and many more.

The Trade Winds Hotel & Bayhouse Restaurant are thrilled to be a part of this experience and wish all teams best of luck.  To those staying with us thank you for choosing Trade Winds Hotel as your hotel of choice and we look forward to ensuring that your stay is comfortable and enjoyable.  Remember to join us for fabulous sunsets and sundowners during happy hour on the Bayhouse Deck and share with us what you love about cricket.




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