Surf’s Up – Island Time

The sun is high in the cloudless sky and the wind is energetic, from a distance you can see beautiful, colourful and vibrant kite sails dotting the skyline.  Your curiosity compels you to stop and get a closer look and as you do as if by cue you see someone performing some incredible mid air stunts and flips in the open water.

We are referring to the thrill seeking adventurous kite-surfing which is fast becoming popular in Antigua.  Beach culture as it is known is becoming a big part of Jabberwock Beach’s identity as wind-surfing, surfing and kite-surfing grows in popularity.  Blessed with powder fine sand, deserted sand dunes and azure blue waters some of which you can have all to yourself and your buddies Jabberwock Beach is a surfer’s gem for those who are eager to enjoy a holiday in the sun and escape the more congested beaches.

Like any culture, beach culture has its own history, customs, language, rituals and costumes.  Recently the video Island Time went viral worldwide as it took a look this culture and kite surfing in Antigua.  Take a look and tell us what you think:

The strong and steady trade winds of Jabberwock give surfers long, intense and exhilarating rides.

“Bend de knees and feel de breeze” says Patrick of Windsurfing Antigua who is based on Jabberwock beach from mid December to May.  With over 25 years of experience and one of Antigua’s most respected surfer Patrick guarantees he can have you surfing in one 2-hour lesson.

So if you’re are looking for something out of the ordinary and a one of a kind surfing experience, The Trade Winds Hotel is located five minutes away from Jabberwock Beach.  Pack your bags and your surf gear whether you’re a veteran surfer, a newbie gamed for new adventures or just an avid onlooker with aspirations of getting that perfect tan and enjoying the beautiful scenery we will pack you a picnic basket with some of Bayhouse’s delights to enjoy on this thrill seeking journey.

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