Vacation Fun Right At Your Doorsteps

Have you been working nonstop since the Christmas holidays?  Do you have a couple of vacation days?  Can’t be bothered with the hassle of long trips?  Well here’s a wild suggestion for you – get away on a vacation right here at home.  Explore, discover and enjoy a world of vacation fun right at your doorsteps.

Fortunately you live in one the most historically, culturally and scenically rich areas in the Caribbean.  We are famously known for having 365 beaches one for everyday of the year.  So why not plan a vacation right here at home, spend a day at the beach reading that new bestseller, learn to kitesurf, take a circumnav tour around the island, explore our national museums and treasures like the Nelson’s Dockyard or dine in world-class restaurants.

You can enjoy an idyllic and affordable staycation at the Trade Winds Hotel waking to peace and tranquility with great panoramic ocean views every morning.   Induldge in ALL DAY BREAKFAST and fine A-La-Carte dining at the island’s best kept secret the Bay House Restaurant.  Lounge on our poolside deck and watch the magical colours of the sunset over Dickenson Bay as you sip on an exotic cocktail.

So what are you waiting for?  Get away on vacation — at home BOOK NOW!  Forget the chores on your ‘staycation‘, and return really rested.  Just switch off the smartphone, lock the office, and let the unwinding begin!


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