Wallings Dam

Antigua & Barbuda is famously known for having 365 beaches one for each day of the year.  You may have also heard or seen our tourism tagline “….the beach is just the beginning”.   If we may say so our-self that is indeed correct.  In addition to our endless turquoise beaches, friendly people and great cuisine there’s a lot to see and do.

If you want to get away from it all and take in the sights and sounds of nature, hiking the Wallings Dam Trail will delight your senses.    Built in 1890 with completion in 1900 the dam was designed to hold 13 million gallons of water to supply the surrounding villages.   The dam and surrounding area has now become a historical reservoir, a popular picnic area, hiking trail and is also frequented by bird watchers.


On our visit today we opted to hike the trail before heading to the dam.  We started out at about 5:30am as we wanted to catch the sunrise.  As you make your way unto the trail you are greeted by the sweet chirping of birds.  The trail is very visible as it has become very popular with local hike clubs and tourists alike.  With trees towering as much as 150-200ft forming a cool canopy letting in enough light to see you feel like Alice in Wonderland.  The trail floor is so cushiony and soft from the fallen leaves you forget you’re hiking.

Enthralled by the beauty you find yourself wanting to stop at every moment to see every mushroom (jumbie umbrella as we call them), hermit crab, and trying your darndest to catch a glimpse of one those sweet singing birds.   You completely forget you’re hiking as you’re drawn into relaxed lulled from sweet lullabies of the invisible birds and the rustling of the leaves beneath your feet.


Along the hike path you can see the reservoir catchment drains that were built to capture the rain water that filled the dam.  The hike is an easy and steady incline that opens up to a picturesque overlooking Old Road, you can see as far as St. John’s City, Sir Vivian Richards Stadium, Potwork’s Dam and even the airport.


The hike back down is just as calming as the trek up and again you find yourself lost in the beauty of the un-spoilt nature.  We took a path that lead to the picnic area overlooking the dam itself.  It is not recommended that you swim in the dam but can just relax on the bank and enjoy the tranquility of the environment.  You are free to explore this area as there is lots of signage around providing you with information about the names of the trees, birds and animals that can be found in the forest.



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