We Are Always Prepared.

You’ve circumnavigated the island on a power boat, turtle watched under the moonlight, traveled back in time at Nelson’s Dockyard and indulged in cocktails like the Antigua Nice whilst watching sunsets on our deck.  Then on day five after returning from a beautiful day picnic at Jabberwock Beach and feeling very proud of the fabulous tan that you know would be the envy of everyone back home you’re told that we are expecting a tropical storm.

The Caribbean is known as the best place to vacation because of our all year around summer weather, endless soft white sand turquoise beaches, fabulous sunsets, delicious food, friendly people….and sadly tropical storms and hurricanes.  Hurricane season begins at what some would say are the peak summer months from June 1st – November 30th and unfortunately they are unavoidable.  Some experts will say that even in places with the highest hurricane danger, these storms are rare events.

In the event that you are staying with us here at the Trade Winds Hotel we do have a Hurricane Preparedness Plan and every effort is made to ensure your safety and comfort during a storm/hurricane.

Earlier this week we were in the path of Tropical Storm Isaac which thankfully only sprinkled us with some much needed rain and some winds.  A “BIG THANK YOU” goes out to our staff who banded together to ensure that the property was secured, with some leaving their homes and staying overnight to ensure continued quality service to our guests.  And to our guests many thanks for your patience and trust during this time and as always it is a great pleasure to ensure you were comfortable.

Now that the storm has passed (we will continue to keep a watchful eye) share with some of your most memorable vacation moments both good and bad.


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