Family, Friends and Food!

Over the past month here at Trade Winds Hotel and Bay House Restaurant & Bar we’ve had the privilege of witnessing a few weddings and birthday celebrations.  The moment that stood out in each celebration was “The Toast”.  The Webster Dictionary defines a toast as “an act of proposing a drink in honour of someone or something”.

What I’ve have noticed however that some people just don’t wait on special occasions to toast but they toast at every meal, whether it be breakfast, lunch or dinner.  One such incident that stood out was a “Family, Friends and Food” toast by a guest having an afternoon bite at our bar.  I found it quite strange that someone would make a toast over a snack and even stranger because he was alone.   Surprisingly I found myself toasting every night during the CPLT20 matches and of course as I raised my glass it was to “Family, Friends and Food” and yeah I even toasted to myself one morning over breakfast.

After toasting to myself I now understand that the guest wasn’t toasting to himself.  I realized that every time these words were spoken they were in celebration of wonderful times spent with his family and friends over food.  The toast was also in celebration of making new friends and creating new memories with the bartender, waitress, chef or other guests in the restaurant or persons you may have encountered throughout the day.

As I look around Bay House Restaurant & Bar I think “Family, Friends and Food” is us.  In addition to our warm and attentive staff our spacious layout is welcoming offering plenty of indoor and outdoor seating with spectacular views of Dickenson Bay.    Our menu features of a mix of refreshing Caribbean and international favourites using lots of local produce.  We serve breakfast all day and recently introduced an eclectic, modern and home-style dinner menu that can be enjoyed all.

We invite you to share a few stories with your besties poolside over your favourite cocktails, discuss the upcoming science project with your son/daughter over pancakes or share a decadent dessert with your love and don’t forget to toast “Family, Friends and Food!”

What is your favourite toast?


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