Sometimes, goodbye is the hardest word…

The English author Ouida once wrote “could we see when and where we are to meet again, we would be more tender when we bid our friends goodbye;” that is just how we here at Trade Winds Hotel felt as we bid one of our employees farewell. After 16 years of service, Darrell Jean-Pierre, affectionately known as just ‘Jean-Pierre,’ will be returning home to Dominica to be with his family.

Although Jean-Pierre worked in security, he could be asked to do almost any task around the hotel and he did so without a frown or complaint. He is known for his energy, helpfulness and efficiency. Jean-Pierre is such a good worker, that he was Employee of the Year four times and Employee of the Quarter five times. Jean-Pierre continually demonstrated that he was a person of integrity by regularly taking leftover food to the homeless. Many staff members also think highly of Jean-Pierre, describing him as a “good, good soul” and “saint-like.”

Jean-Pierre says he will miss taking care of the guests and miss being there to help everyone. Of, Mrs. Carter, he says she is the greatest Manager and the best thing to happen to Trade Winds Hotel. He also recalls his favourite memory of working at Trade Winds; it is of helping the British Airways flight crew. Jean-Pierre says his ultimate wish is for the hotel to be prosperous. Mrs. Carter commented on Jean-Pierre saying he is “a ray of sunshine in these trying times.”

The Trade Winds Hotel management and staff wishes Jean-Pierre the very best on his return home and his future endeavors.


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